Business Person of the Year (BPOY)

Call for nominations!

DCC Hong Kong has been invited to participate in the nomination of BPOY. This year our Chairman, Anita Vogel, is also part of the selection committee.

Link to nomination form - here (please read the nomination criteria below).

Please note nominations have to be submitted before 30th September 2021. The winners will be announced 13th November 2021 at a gala at the Bvlgari Hotel in Shanghai.

History of BPOY

Every year since 2007 DCCC in Shanghai has hosted the “Business Person of the Year” award gala event to celebrate outstanding performances in the development of Danish business in China. Many people show outstanding performances in the development of Danish business in China. These achievements often go relatively unnoticed over several years by the general community and typically performed by very dedicated, but also very modest individuals. In 2007 the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai therefore instituted the “Business Person of the Year” award to celebrate these individuals with deserved attention. At the award ceremony the winners receives the “Vilhelm Award Statuette”. The statuette is named “Vilhelm” after the famous and industrious Danish entrepreneur Vilhelm Meyer who lived and worked in Shanghai from 1990 to 1935.


  • A Candidate will have achieved significant results for his/her company and/or organization, representing continuity over a significant number of years (with attention being paid particularly to the last 3-5 years).
  • A Candidate – respected in the Danish and Chinese business communities – has contributed to the understanding between Denmark and China and as such has acted as a liaison for Danes and the Danish business community in China.
  • A Candidate going beyond their formal job duties to represent new ingenious ideas, which have – or will – benefit Danish ways of doing business.


  • A Danish or Chinese national, located in China or Denmark who has made a substantial mark with a new important contribution that has had an impact on Denmark and/ or China during the last year(s).
  • The Nominee should have endured personal risk to achieve success be it financial or otherwise.
  • The Nominee should be able to demonstrate a certain unique idea, knowledge, talent, or business concept with identifiable Sino-Danish elements which should be sustainable and have potential for growth and/or scalability.


  • The Candidate, a Danish or Chinese national working in a non-executive position, must be under the age of 35 on the night of the gala event 13th of November 2021 at the Bvlgari Hotel.
  • The Candidate must demonstrate a clear progression and growth in his/her career, exemplified by one tangible achievement significant to his/her employer.
  • The Candidate shows Commitment to building bridges and making connections within their business and Danish Chamber of Commerce communities