Danish Book about Danes fighting for Great Britain during the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in 1941


This year it has been 75 years since the Japanese troops invaded Hong Kong.

Danish author Frode Z. Olsen has finished his book about a group of Danes in Hong Kong who fought for the British resistance. Frode has spent a long time on research, and during his research he visited Hong Kong 2 years ago, where he gave an interesting lecture on the book he was then about to write.

The Danish publisher has offered Danes in Hong Kong to purchase the book with free delivery to Hong Kong. All you will have to do is to send an email to simon@turbine.dk

Normal Price: DKK 349.95 – Tax Free price to Hong Kong: DKK 279.96 

After having sent your purchase order you will receive an invoice which can be paid via internet banking. After payment confirmation the book will be sent to you.

The book is only available in Danish.

You can read an excerpt of the book here

About Frode Z. Olsen

frode_olsen_0Frode Z. Olsen were born 3. march, 1950 i Copenhagen.
He is a trained Policeman and Detective.
Frode has been working in Balkan, Holland, Iraq and Beijing.
Frode has written 4 Novels.



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